Film Archive

The Manual Labours Film Archive consists of a growing selection of artists’ films that have been influential for our work or screened in order to trigger discussion amongst co-workers about their own relationships to work. These films have inspired us to think about changing aspects of work and possible ways of introducing playful forms of visualising, intervening into and documenting the body at work.

The Struggle Against Ourselves, JESSE JONES

2011, 16mm transferred to DVD

The Struggle Against Ourselves, explores Russian theatre director Vsevolod Meyerhold’s studies in biomechanics. Meyerhold developed a series of dedicated bodily training exercised called Ètudes which he saw as generating a new form of political expression and physical understanding. Jesse Jones: The Struggle Against Ourselves is produced in collaboration with the CalArts Schools of Film/Video and Theatre.


How Capital Moves, KENNEDY BROWNE

2010, Video (Total: 26:00 Mins)

This film forms a body of work originally commissioned for presentation at the 2010 Łódź Biennale. The work was prompted by the relocation of a U.S. multinational computer factory based in Limerick, Ireland, to Łódź, Poland in 2009. The script for the film is based on narratives of redundancy and precarity expressed by current and former employees of ‘The Company’ on an online forum.


We’re Papermen, He Said, CAN ALTAY

2003, Installation

We’re Paperment, He Said follows the operations of unofficial recyclers and rubbish men in Ankara. Following the marginalised urban practices of these workers the work explores the phenomenon of garbage and the particular informal economy thus developed by the papermen.