Manual Labours Manual #5 (Prototype 2)

The Multiplying Staffroom

Download Prototype 2 of Manual Labours Manual #5 here

In this second prototype of manual #5 we explain our research methods and demonstrate how we cut and paste our research data to produce manuals that form practical tools for further workshops and conversations with people about their working conditions.

The material we have used to create this manual comes from 2 workshops with cultural organisations and 9 conversations with cultural workers, hospital workers, care work organisations, trade-unionists and activists about their experiences of rest and care at work. The manual builds on our ongoing research into ‘staffrooms’, specifically the previous manual (prototype 2) and podcast series. Following the podcast series in 2020 and having analysed and learnt from the subsequent conversations, we wanted to pursue the call for different care infrastructures that could support the proliferation and politicisation of discussions of care and rest at work. 

We structure this manual in 4 parts that illustrate the problems and proposals for 4 different kinds of ‘staffroom’:  distributed, mobile, covert and permanent.

This publication was created for DIY Methods, a Mostly Screen-Free, Zine-Full, Remote-Participation Conference on Experimental Methods for Research and Research Exchange.

210 x 297mm 16 pages, colour
Manual Labours Manual #5: The Global Staffroom, Prototype 2
By Manual Labours (Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards), 2023
Original design Assistance and Layout by Saria Digregorio
The typeface is Domestic, designed by feminist architecture collective, Edit.
Published by Creative Democracy Editions, London.
ISBN: 978-0-9570282-6-5
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Li-cense.