Funders and supporters

Manual Labours has received funding and support from a number of different organisations. We make our budgets transparent for each phase of the research and publish these in our Manuals. Jenny and Sophie work on Manual Labours as part of and along side our paid work (Jenny is a funded full-time PhD student and Sophie is as full-time Lecturer). We rely on and recognise the significance of our family and friendship support networks to do the work we do, so special thanks go to Barry Sykes, David Eckersley and our parents!

Manual Labours | Awarding body: HEFCE / Birkbeck Widening Participation | Date awarded: 2014-15 |Value: £5,000

Manual Labours: The Body at Work | Awarding body: Arts Council | Date awarded: 2014 | Value: £15,000

Sarah Browne’s commission | Awarding Body: The Elephant Trust | Date awarded: 2015 | Value: £2,000

Manual Labours: The Building as Body | Awarding body: Nottingham Contemporary | Date awarded: 2018 | Value: £6,120

Manual Labours: The Wandering Womb | Awarding body: Birkbeck / Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) | Date awarded: 2018 | Value: £2,500

Manual Labours: The Global Staffroom | Awarding body: University of Edinburgh Art Collection | Date awarded: 2020 | Value: £6,300