Inspirational folk

We are inspired by so many people and organisations, many of whom we have been fortunate to connect up with through our work. Here are just a few, there are more links in each of the project pages too.

Artists and writers, including: Sarah Browne, Hamish MacPherson, Ivor Southwood, Effy Harle, Lynne Friedli, Fauve Alice, Sheila Ghelani, Rosie Cox, Sara Paiola, Lynne Segal, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Michelle Murphy, Joanna Hedva, Shama KhannaCindy Sissokho, Marie-Louise Richards, Raju Rage, Jane Rendell, Romily Alice Walden

Collectives, including: Care Collective, United Voices of the World, Pirate Care, Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain, Angry Workers’ Collective, Feminist Health Care Research Group, Equal Care Co-op, The DisOrdinary Architecture Project, Sickness Affinity Group