Hamish MacPherson

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Hamish MacPherson’s work is interested in how we can think about philosophical and political ideas through personal and group choreographies. Recent work, including ‘All The Things That We Can Do’ (2014) and ‘Improvising Politics’ (2013-14) explored embodied and choreographic ways to reflect on and make politics. His work has been supported by The Science Museum, The Place, Chisenhale Dance Space, Open School East, and Rajni Shah Productions and he has worked as a performer with Florence Peake, Eva Recacha, Tino Sehgal and Patrick Staff.

We have been working with Hamish and the call centre to produce co-devised performances using choreographic scores through the idea of ‘invisible procedures.’

From this Hamish has developed a card game called ‘Breastbeating’ simulating an after work session in the pub where the only thing you have to do is complain.

“Official procedures set out how things are done: How to work, how to programme a computer, how to follow the law, how to be a citizen, how to complain. Procedures that are written down and that we can Google.

But what about the procedures that are unwritten, invisible and silent? The procedures that we are all constantly devising, following and disrupting through the small physical details that make up the choreographies of everyday life.

Are there ways to be more sensitive to these invisible procedures and how they impact on ourselves and each other and the wider world?”