The Global Staffroom Podcast

The Global Staffroom is a live podcast hosted by Manual Labours (Jenny Richards and Sophie Hope) involving conversations and interviews with people about what it feels like to care, be cared for, not be able to care at work. What does ‘staff room’ mean to you? We are hoping the Global Staff Room will, over time, be a space to connect people from different workforces and geographies and that members can air their experiences and concerns with each other. We want to explore issues such as the architecture of home-work, racialised experiences of lockdown, emotional labour of care and health workers, social reproduction and remote working.

With deep gratitude to all the contributors (in order of appearance): Valeria Graziano from the transnational research project, Pirate Care, Kitty Worthing from the campaign group Docs Not Cops, Henry Chango Lopez from the IWGB – Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, Jo Bardsley from the National Education Union, Maddalena Fragnito from Soprosotto, researcher Rebecca O’Connell, The Angry Workers Collective, The Birkbeck Food Group (Alex Colas and Jason Edwards), researcher Lynne Friedli and writer Ivor Southwood, Khadea Kuchenmeister, Siobhan Scott and Laura Tully from the artist-run gallery and studios Rhubaba, Julia Bonn and Inga Zimprich from The Feminist Health Care Research Group, artist and adult care worker Fauve Alice, Professor of Geography Rosie Cox, artist Sheila Ghelani, PhD student Sara Paiola and Professor Lynne Segal, The Swedish journalist and nurse Sara Heyman, artist, teacher and medical researcher Michele Masucci, Marissa Begonia from The Voice of Domestic Workers, artist and home care worker Nathalie Wuerth, Kate Hammon and Jenny Daglish from the UK Equal Care Co-op, Sanna Tefke from the Regional Union Representative for Kommunal, the largest Swedish Union supporting care workers, Wendy Parkin and Jeff Hearn co-authors of ‘Age at Work: Ambiguous Boundaries of Organizations, Organizing and Ageing’, artist and maker Effy Harle, architect and cofounder of the DisOrdinary Architecture Project Jos Boys, curator Shama Khanna who runs the curated online platform and research project Flatness, Cindy Sissokho curator of the Nottingham artspace the New Art Exchange, Julie-Ann Delaney curator of The University of Edinburgh Art Collection, Kirsten Lloyd curator and lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art, Lina Dzuverovic curator, researcher and cofounder of Electra, artist Romily Alice Walden, architect, lecturer and researcher Marie-Louise Richards and the interdisciplinary artist Raju Rage.