Listening stations

We have created a number of mobile listening stations which include tablecloths and cushions with QR codes linking to the Global Staffroom podcast and Manual Labours Manual #5 (prototypes 1 and 2). The listening stations were made with Muna Al Yaqoobi.

The Listening Stations have been part of the Life Support: Forms of care in art and activism exhibition at the Glasgow Women’s Library (14 August – 16 October, 2021), Being Human Festival at St Margaret’s House (November 2021) and Do They Owe Us A Living at The Royal Standard in Liverpool (17 August – 24 September, 2022).

As part of this process, we have worked with the Glasgow Women’s Library volunteer and staff team and staff and members of St Margaret’s House to explore their experiences of staffrooms. These workshops and discussions fed into Manual #5 (Prototype 1)

If you would like to use the Manual Labours Listening Stations, please do get in touch!