Manual Labours Manual #4

Building as Body: A Handbook for investigating the workplace

Download Manual Labours Manual #4 here.

 As with all of our manuals, our fourth manual is intended to be a resource for you to read and use when considering your own workplace, whether entering it as a freelance worker, agency staff, on a zero‑hour contract, or as a salaried employee. The content of this Manual has been gathered from workshops and interviews between Manual Labours and staff of an arts centre we worked with over a period of two years, and offers a perspective of an organisation from those looking up the hierarchy, a bottom‑up discussion on how workplaces and their structures affect working bodies.

210 x 297mm 94 pages, colour, 2018
Published by Cultural Democracy Editions
Design Assistance and Layout by Saria Digregorio
Typeset in League Mono and League Gothic by League of Moveable Type
Printing by Dizzy Ink, Nottingham
ISBN: 978-0-9570282-5-8